anger at the end of the christmas holidays

January 2, 2006

Two weeks ago, after half day of nothing, i walked to my bus alone. I sat at the back and cracked on my ipod mini.

And thought of her.


“George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”

January 1, 2006

The video of Kanye West speaking the above has been voted by Downloadsqaud.comâ„¢ as number one internet moment of 2005.

QT Movie:http://movies.crooksandliars.com/Kayne-West-Bush-Black-People.mov

Happy New Year to you all.


My Current Wallpaper

December 31, 2005

gd1024.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024×768 pixels) – Scaled (76%)

I was inspired to pick up The Office again, after listening to The Ricky Gervais Show podcast (itunes link) which is fabulous. I have not watched The Extras and do not plan to, however.

It’s December 31’st, it’s New Years Eve which means later today, i will post my new years resolutions.


anger at koolaidguy or whatever, at digg.com

December 31, 2005

Site: http://www.digg.com
Anger: Hacker dick ruining excellent website.

http://www.digg.com is one of the best websites on the internet right now. It’s smart, it’s intelligent, and it’s high quality tech news on demand. Basically, digg.com members ‘digg’ the tech stories they well…dig. It means the best and most interesting important stories usually turn up on the front page, followed by an intelligent discussion in the comments.
So this ‘koolaidguy’ (if that is his real name) comes along and finds an exploit on the editorial system of digg. It’s at this time the guy becomes a jerk, and exploits it. He now uses the exploit to put his stories straight on the front page, with his multiple accounts.

UPDATE: Looks like the digg devs are putting in some new security features. Goodbye koolaidguy.


anger at destiny, over at the warppipe forums

December 30, 2005

Anger:Sony fanboy trolls forums, members react, trollls family member ‘Cold As Ice’ defies the laws of sense and sticks up for him (see; Mafia).

Okay, so i’ve been lurking forums for a long time, and ever since that huddle fuddle about demasked over at warppipe, i’ve been watching the forums.
Due to some awfully pathetic script kiddy attacking and hacking their servers, i cannot register at the forums right now to fight this anger..but kudos to Chad Paulson and his team for showing the kid who’s boss, and keeping things going. Cool guys.
Anyway, so over at warppipe forums there is a member called ‘Destiny’. If you actually have been to the warppipe forums you’ll know he is infamous for his lapsidasical (i think i just made that word up) typing skills, his general attitude towards nintendo (a negative one) which is reguarly (excuse my spelling, it’s never been a strong point) excercised.

“Where there is destiny, there is fire.”
Trolls are people who sign upto a forum or onlinem community, and make it their mission to do everything withen the rules to create an angry/negative rising from other members. Destiny is an extreme example of a troll.
He’s even broke a lot of rules.
Offences commited by Destiny:
-Fanboyism, many examples.
-In one thread about the late wrestler eddie something, destiny tells one member of the forums to “die”. Many cuss words also being used. Does he speak to his mother with that toungue?
-Spam, many examples.
-Actually creating a second account, and using it to create a highly offensive thread about another member (one of the most respected and intelligent members on the boards).
Destiny has not been even temp banned for that last one. After the first 3, i doubt any other member of the forum would survive from the ban-hammer. But destiny has.

This troll needs to be fed cyanide pills.